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Equipment, Knots and Safety for Rock Climbing

Below you will see the thing that you need to know for rock climbing


Equipment for Rock Climbing

If you are trying rock climbing for the first time, for the easiest way to get involved is to go to your local indoor climbing centre. The people in these centres will introduce you to the gear, the terminology and techniques to help you get a feel for what it will take to go the next step.

But as an overview, here’s what you will need for a basic kit

Carabiners: There are the metal usually is stell or ally which call safety gates which the rope passes through. Carabiners come in a number of configurations but when starting out it’s best to use screwgate carabiners for safety.

Belay Device: This is a device that acts as the brake to slow or stop a climber in the event of either a fall or just lowering them at the ned of climb.

Harness: specifically designed for rock climbing and rated so.

Rope: Not just any rope but it needs to be rope that designed for the purpose. With a dynamic climbing rope. Dynamic means it wil stretch slightly in the event of a fall allowing some give. If the rope did not stretch or give it would be at a high risk of snapping under the sudden load placed on it.

Footwear: Many climber use climbing shoes. Although not neccessary when starting out. They do make a big difference to your climb.

A Series of tapes and sling: Again these are items specially designed for rock climbing and rated for the purpose.


You will need to learn a basic set of knots and again your local indoor climbing centre is a great place to start. All you need to know the figure 8 on the bight, follow through figure 8, clove high, bowline, alpine butterfly and the tape know as a starter. And you need to know that they are right first time, everytime.


There are any number of things that can go wrong in rock climbing. The single biggest safety items that you can have is an experienced parter. Make sure to follow their advice and do not take matters into your own hands. Old heads are king here. You have to take a first aid kit and depending on where you are climbing a communication device. Most basic equipment items listed in this article are also designed for safety first and foremost. You have to let someone know where you are going and when you expect to be back. All the worst stories are from individuals being somewhere but nobody else knew.



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