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Engage Your Senses with outdoor training

Below you will see a few tips for engage your senses

To further amp up the positive effect for outdoor training by focus on your awareness. Mindfulness adds a whole other layer of benefits. From the study found that subjects with depressive disorders who took a 50 minute walk through a wooded park performed significantly better on a memory test than after strolling through an urban setting. In order to having the benefits of foresting bathin mindfulness is key. When practising you have to see your surrounding as if you have never seen them before. Squat down to the ground and notice if there is any animal life. Look up and see what is in the tress. On the other hand use all of your senses to experience your environment.

What do you see, youch, smell and hear. Becoming more mindful during your outdoor workouts can also keep your safe and help you achieve your fitness goals. In addition to thinking about your surrounding feel what is going on in your body. For instantce when you run or squat a certain way you have to notice the change in your hips or angles and see how it feels when you make a slight adjustment to your form. Also pay attention to how you adjust your cadence or form to checks in the terrain beneath your feet. You may run one way on rocks or pebbles anotherway. When you are on dirt and yet another way on a path covered with leaver. This will incease body awareness and can make you less likely to get injured. With all of your senses activated your are in the moment of what happening in your body and around you. You will move faster and better and with your mid body systems in sync, and you will be less likely to get hurt.


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