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Electronic Cigarette: Are They Safe for use?

Electronic Cigarette Safe?
Electronic Cigarette Safe

The medical opinion that have some experts argue that Electronic cigarettes helps like a switch for more harmful tobacco cigarettes but the World Health Organization called them to be banned because of the result just how harmful only cigarettes that they put that to the test. Electronic Cigarette may not safe to inhale and it’s leads to a serious look disease particular chemical is associated with an unusual fact. It has been inhaled significant qualities in people who worked in manufacturing. The biggest electronic cigarette brand in UK is VIP Electronic Cigarette which state that didn’t know about these issue after discovering the chemical to the testing procedures with agenda besides that they have a withdrawing at the project site beforehand. The study have found that it was a change so management increment for the testing withdraw the selection. Many Electronic Cigarette Brand claim that all ingredients are tested and screened for purity by approved from laboratories and also using GC and MS testing methods in order to guarantee their products.

People who using electronic cigarette are increasing more than people who using tobacco. The state or the number of people using the cigarettes in the UK has traveled into 2.1 million per years. The British Medical Association and the World Health Organization recommended banning cigarettes in the public place and they say that there is no evidence that electronic cigarette is safe for use because the result that test with people who using electronic cigarette show that the levels of carbon monoxide in the body testes. Many people may think that nicotine itself is a poison but if nicotine come without the accompanying intoxicants then the health effect will be similar to drinking coffee. The result from the expert show that electronic cigarette is safer more than normal cigarettes. Electronic Cigarettes contain no discernible toxins carbon monoxide from the final test.

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