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Eco Friendly Fertilisers Tips

Below you will see a great tip for eco friendly fertilisers

Great and good gardener takes a lot out of their patch in the form of healthy, nutrition food so it’s important to put something back in. A feed of fertiliser ensures plants are strong, disease resistant and productve. There are good reason to avoid the usual chemical products.

Fre people realise that healthy topsoil is teeming with fungi and bacteria. A cubic metre of healthy soil contains more than 1 kg of fungal threads. The fungi in particular heal plants by attaching themselves to their roots. These fungal threads penetrate deep into the soil, drawing up nutrients and water which they give to the plants in exchange for a feed of carbs. Essentially they greatly extend a plant’s root system. However synthetic fertilisers can inhibit the reproduction of these helpful microorganisms, making your soil less fertile over time and dependent on its next dose of chemicals for it vitality instead of being naturally self sustaining.

What are the options?

The good news is you can replenish your soil and feed your plants with range of more natural fertilisers. These all contain the three basic nutrients, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium that found in regular products but may also delivery micro nutrients such as silica, soidum and selenium. These and other micro nutrients are not often displayed on fertiliser packages despite arguably being just as important. Ultimately a natural products should promote a healthy, living soil system that will be more fertile in the long run.

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