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Down the line with your horse for movement

Below you will see a great tips for down the line

It’s the only movement you do at least twice in every dressage test, so why is it so hard to get right? Enter at A and proceed down the centre line at C. Track left. Reading the beginning of a dressage test you might think. How hard can it be just turn and carry on to the end of the arena. But if that you it’s time to think again. The centre line is the first impression the judge receives of you and your horse. What’s more the movement requires you the rider to be precise and accurate while your horse must be straight and both of you must be in harmony. List one dressage judge. The first centre line is your chance to set the tone for the whole of the test.  If you start with an 8 you will have the judge on side and thinking positively. It’s much harder to climb back up from a 6.


The key to a straight centre line is the turn before it. Make sure you ride deep enough into the turn and look down the centre line well before you get there. Imagine turning one stride early and taking a step of leg yield to get your horse on to the perfect line before you enter the arena. This is much easier than trying to correct a late turn, which will inevitably set you off on a wobbly down to C.


Practise regularly in your schooling sessions once you know just where to turn at home it will be much easier at a competition. Judy suggests turning from the stiffer rein can give you a straighter entry and a positive forward approach will interest the judge.


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