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Do not Build to much rule for your Kids

In our generation many parent may create many rule for your children to follow which it not necessary thing for parent to build every single rule to your children because in our generation everything is change. For the rule that parent create for you children to follow you must have a reason to use those rule and parent must think the come out result from using the rule that you create. Before you build the rule for your children you must ask yourself first from the question below.

1. Is it necessary to create those rule?

2. Is it fair for your kids?

3. Can your kids follow the rule that you build?

4. Is your kids understand the rule that you build?

5. Is your kids know the result if your kids do not follow the rule?

For adult kids that understand how to read and write which parent and order your children to write the rule that you build in a paper and let your children see the rule that you write in order to remind your children to obey those rule. Do not expect that you will receive respond from your children 100% especially from Naughty kids which have age between 3 to 5 year because you will receive respond from your kids only 50% to 70%. The thing that every parent must think even though to make your children obey you but that is not mean that parent must try to order your kids to follow everything that you order. Moreover parent must understand that the vision of your children is different from parent for example your kids do not do like you ask them to do which it may come from misunderstand the thing that you want your children to obey.

Parent must always think that the rule that force your children to follow must be reasonable and justice for your children and if parent are not sure about the rule that you set for you children which parent may request advise from doctor that specialist in children’s problem which these may be an answer for many parent to teach your children for example teach your children to say thank you, Learn to forgive and forget, Sacrifice, Sympathy and many more. Many parent may think that love is enough to make your children become a good person which nowadays can not use because give love and relationship without teaching is worthless.

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