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Do Lunch Differently

Below you will see a few tips for make your lunch differently

Do Lunch Differently

More than 50 perfect of Canadian Living survey respondents say that they eat out or order in once a week or more. It might be convenient but if you are buying your lunch and it can get expensive and it’s easy to rack up calories by use these tips to pack delicious healthful lunches and save more money while you’re at it.

Build a canning Jar Salad – Put dressing at the bottom then stack the salad ingredients from least to most likely to get soggy (lettuce at the top) in order to keep the ingredients fresh and appealing. When you are ready for lunch then shake your salad in the jar or toss it in a bowl

Try Tiffinbox – You might not know what is tiffin box which tiffin box is a stackable stainless steel food containers and let you pack food separately so you can graze on healthful foods all day. In the first container and keep your morning fruit and yogurt in the second include a quinoa salad then at the bottom store whole grain crackers or trail mix for an afternoon snack.

Pack Ingredients Separately – Assemble when it’s time to eat by whole grain bread avocado and other toppings and create an open faced avocado sandwich at your desk. You must try keeping oil and vinegar at your workstation so you can dress salad with a healthful vinaigrette

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