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Do it your self for balancing your life

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Below you will see a different types of balancing your act

Eat more healthy fats: This will help the function of all your cells. Good Choices include avocado, nuts, tahini, and fish oil. These should help to diminish your desire for sweet food mid afternoon.

Wake Calmly: Start the day with 20 long slow breaths taken before you get out of bed or while you wait for the kettle to boil or sit at the traffic lights.

Meditate: Try meditating on the breath or looking at something beautiful such as a flower or candle. Close your eyes and meditate to music. The stillness that comes from regular meditation is in itself a journey and a reward. If your mind is super busy then find some CD that you like and can guide you. It can help to have someone talking or asking you to imagine things for a period of time when the meditation first start.

Do some calming exercise: This may include yoga, pilates, tai chi and qui gong. These will help change your busy brainwaves to produce more alpha waves which promote calm and heightened and theta waves that can enhancing your wellbeing.

Be grateful: When you are grateful you can not be stressed so out loud or write down each day at least three things for which you are grateful. Insight often comes this way and you may get clarity about something that perhaps that you felt confused about.


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