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Do and Don’t of a skincare routine

Below you will see a great tips for skincare routine

One of the most common issues beauty therapist is people wanting clearer and more youthful skin.


Bad Habits to Break

Over Cleansing: Washing your skin too much can age your skin. While you may be washing away the bad oils, you can also strip away the good oils that keep your skin hydrated and youthful. Do not wash any more than twice a day.

Using a Harsh Cleanser: If you are using the soap bar as your facial cleanser and it is time to consider another option. Soap will also strip away your skins natural oils and can cause irritation. Look for cleansers with calming ingredients such as green tea, to soothe sensitive skin. If you have oily and acne prone skin then use a facOr you can go to your local beauty therapistBetter yey go to your and book a skin consult. It’s great idea to grab some samples to test out on your skin before investing money into products

Using Facial Wipes: They can be a convenient way but it’s impossible to thoroughly cleanse your skin just by using facial wipes. They are extremely handy if you need a quick cleanse before or after your gym but do not let them completely replace your regular cleanser.

Rinsing with Hot Water: This will also strip away good oils and dry out your skin out. What is more rinsing with hot water can cause capillaries with more commonly known as spider veins. These can happen because of sudden change of skin temperature so be sure not to use water that is too cold either. When washing your face make sure the water is lukewarm.

Leaving Your Make up on overnight: This is the biggest and most common so let being with why. After we put on our make up to face the day, we step outside and our skin soaks up a variety of things. We are exposed to pollutants in the air. From a car funes to cigarette smoke and pick up bacteria from people at work and in the street. Without consiciously knowing it, we regularly touch our face and spread this bacterium.


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