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Do and Don’t for better sleep quality

Below you will see a great tips for your sleeping quality


During shut eye, million of your cells repair and renew themselves and your body produces chemicals that boost your immunity. What you should do and should not do during before you go sleep?

Avoid late exercise: Aim to work out two to three hours before bedtime. For most people working out later elevates body temperature which then delays sleep onset.

Eat dinner by 7pm or earlier: A late evening meal can also rasie your body temperature or cause issues such as indigestion because you are lying down with a full stomach and that will keep you awake.

Soak in warm bath cloe to bedtime: The warm bath close yo bedtime is acually causes a temperature drop which can help you fall asleep faster.

Try natural sleep boosters: Many formulas of tea and tablets are available that include sleep inducing herbs such as valerian, skullcap and passionflower. Yo can also try sipping on a soothing camomile tea half an hour before bed. Alternatively slip on light cotton socks for 10 minutes. Swiss research has shown that warming your feet before bed promotes faster sleep onset.

Seek morning light: Open your curtains on waking so you are enjoying some morning sunlight exposure. If you do not usually fall asleep until 3.00am, aim 10.00am for a few days, then 9.30am for a few days and so on to help set your body clock back to the right rhythm.

Stop battling yourself: There is no point lying in bed wide awake feeling frustrated. If this has become a pattern work on changing it. For a few days or weeks restrict your time in bed to the hours that you know you normally sleep. Doing this help reduce conditioned insomnia, where wakefulness has become an anxious habit and the actual worry that you won’t fall asleep is the biggest reason why you’re staying awake.

Cut back on naps and sleep-ins: These can pu your body clock out of synch with your usual routine so you only start to feel tired in the early hours of the morning.

Steer clear of chemical helpers: Sleeping pills can be highly addictive and may increase risk for some cancer. Alcohol can interrupt your sleep through dehydration or a need to visit the toilet later in the night.

Avoid sleep distraction: These may include phone or pets in your room, or a radio clock with a bright light. Invest in good quality earplugs if you have noise issues like traffic and neighbour who play loud music or a snoring partner.
Eat jasmine rice with dinner: Tryptophan is an amino acid found in rice. Your brain uses it to create feel good chemicals which can help you feel happier and more relaxed. Though tryptophan is produced by all varieties of rice.

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