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DIY Herbal Skincare

Below you will see a great tips for DIY herbal skincare

Great three tips with three at home recipes for common skin complaints

1. Pimply Skin or Oily Skin: Witch hazel and green tea are two of great ingredient for reducing inflammation of pimples and clearing excess sebum, To make your own green tea toner, brew some green tea and chamomile tea approximately 50 mL. This to witch hazel liquid then apply with a cotton ball before moisturising to clear away excess oil and reduce inflamed skin. Store in the fridge. This should last a few week.

2. Skin tightening and instant lift: Add siberian ginseng which these extract and gotu kola extract about 10 up to 15 drops each to green tea in a bowl. Soak a gauze in a bowl and then place this on your face for 45 minutes. It provides instant tightening and skin plumping action.

3. Skin pigmentation: Mix 50g of aloe vera gel with 5ml of acerola extract of licorice extrace and 5ml of sea buckthorn extract. Apply it every evening. This works magic on your skin pigmentation for sure.

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