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Discount School Supply Coupon Lists

Updated Discount School Supply Coupon Code Lists

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How to choose furniture for your kids?

First of all we have to break the age for you children from age range such as 3 years, 4-8 years, 9 years, 15-14 years which each of age range will have different development and learning types. The most important thing when desire to but furniture for kids is security when select furniture for your kids.

The most popular furniture material that parent select for their children is wood product which most of furniture for children usually produce from woods. On the other hand parent should concern about strength of materials.

In terms of size which parent should select to suit your kids age and weight of your children because children’s body is changing all the time. Parent should select furniture that modified to accommodate growing for baby or specific age rang to suit their age.

Colors also affect the learning of your baby as well so using light colors are the best choices in long term. Toys for your children are also important part to help your kids to develop their body and brain.

However, choosing sleep patterns are also important for your children as well because it affect sleeping time for your children. In additional the quality and design are also important because it can make your children like their bedroom and love to sleep in their bedroom.

Kids usually like anything from cartoon and movie such as hero which cartoon character was inevitable for your children to see it. Parent should focus on their children’s comic because you will find a lot of thing that your children like which parent can select theme of your children’s bedroom from their comic. Not only theme and pattern are the most important but also the height of the bed should not be too high and not too low. Mattresses of your children’s bedroom are also important because it can spread dust on the floor.

These is only suggestion for parent who just begin family life. There are a lot of things that you should read to make more understand about your children and how to deal with your children. Remember that kids today are the adults of tomorrow which they will copy everything that you teach and you do not teach so try to do your best when teaching your children.

Baby Sitter Trick

8 Factor that make your baby won’t eat food that you choose for them

Normally when you eat food that you like with a good taste you will feel happy but if someone force you to eat food that you don’t like from many reason for example it good for health but taste is very bad like vegetable so you won’t eat much or you won’t eat any of it which baby is a same that they choose what they like to eat and some food they won’t eat.

Factor 1: Parent or BabySitter force baby to eat

Adult won’t like someone to force them to do womething which it is like baby that they don’t like someone to force them to eat which force parent or baby sitter can change to conversation thing not physical thing. For example try to eat this taste is so good, why you not eat this, if you eat you will become a princeness, prince and much more. These word you can adjust up to the situation. These word will dig deep into your children heart and they will collection these information and change it to their experience (include bad experience and good experience) that their parent or baby sitter force them in what way to do something.

Factor 2: Parent let your children eat too much

Baby’s stomach and Adult’s stomach is very different because baby’s stomach is very small and when your baby run or play their energy will burn very fast so your baby will always hungry during breakfast to launch, durning lunch to dinner and many parent afraid that their baby will hungry so they let their baby eat both milk and rice and next meal come they also force their children to eat (eventhough baby still full)

Factor 3: Food look not so good

Eat the same food every day for adult people is also bore and if you thing about children what it will be? Many parent afraid that their children may eat hard so they make food in the same menu but when your baby eat the same food for two or three time they will get bore so parent or baby sitter should change menu to make baby feel want to eat.

Factor 4: Baby won’t Chewing food

During baby teeth going up (Start after 9 Month) normally baby will itching they gums and they want to chew food and parent should training children to chew an easy food such as little pieace of biscuits and baby will happy durning they chew food. When your baby grow up parent or baby sitter can increase the size of food.

Factor 5: Baby Health

If a baby teeth is hurt and pain or sick and it is again that like a adult people when you are sick you will feel that you don’t want to eat anything which it like a children that they don’t want to eat any food.

Factor 6: Baby eat snack or milk until they full

Many time that during meal time baby usually hungry because they play until they tired which some parent give a snack or milk before meal time and these are the factore that make your children won’t eat during the meal. The thing that parent or baby sitter should do is let baby eat punctual meal (breakfast, launch, dinner)

Factor 8: Baby play and tired until they forgot hunger

Time that adult doint something happy mostly they will forget to eat which is like a baby that when they play until they tired they will feel not hungey and they will not eat anything and somethine parent afraid that their baby will hungry and then they force them to eat at the mean time which it is not good for children.

Factor 8: Parent choose food

Problem is parent don’t eat food so children will act like their parent which is they also don’t eat food because children will remember that thing that parent do act and think so do not doubt that why your hcildren won’t eat fodd that you prepare for them.

Many parent may have a little baby must think before desire to select baby sitter and must select baby sitter carefully because when you select or choose baby sitter to your baby because baby sitters will become a part of your baby in other word your baby will remember the thing that they see and they will keep each action, emotion to their experience and this is very danger for the parent that select the wrong baby sitters so parent that have new baby and desire to hire some baby sitter must choose baby sitter carefully.

How to choose baby sitter?

To choose baby sitter is not an easy thing for many parent because new generation for many parent know that it is not easy to select baby sitter for their baby. Many parent that desire to hire baby sitter because they do not have time to take care their baby because both of them have to work so they have to pick and choose the best baby sitter for their baby and why they have to be careful when they select? the reason is every baby sitter is different, some understand how to take care baby because they have an experience and some they don’t know anything about baby. All the problem that mention above will be solve because nowadays many company that find a baby sitter plus work experience and profile back ground that parent can select one by one and they offer face to face communication which parent can see reaction, verbal, word, emotion, thinking, attitude and much more from baby sitter.

Advantage and Disadvantage from Baby Sitter

For the advantage from having baby sitter is baby sitter will tranfer the thing that parent want to give to baby that can increase your baby development in each age range and can help your baby grow up for parent objective and for disadvantage from baby sitter is they can make your baby become self center by giving everything that baby ask for so these thing will make every baby become self center when they grow up. This is just an example from advantage and disadvantage from having a baby sitter which it have much more than this so parent must select baby sitter carefully before choose which the recommendation before select baby sitters is find a company that offering baby sitter that you can trust like sitter city which they provide everything for baby sitter such as background, profile, experience, and many more that can be one of many option for you to select the best baby sitter to match your baby.

30 Tips For Babysitters and Parent

First of all you have to understand that children is always children and then way that you do, speak and action children will remember and do like what you did which they will keep as experience so you must understand the nature of children before you change to be the way that you want. There are 30 tips for Babysitters and Nannies Sitter to make baby or children become smarter and make children rearing easier is mention below.

1. Eyes Contact or Face to Face: When baby or children wake up baby sitter should look into baby face or eyes for a while in order to make baby remember your face and these is another way to exercise baby brain to remember something which most of parent use these technique to make their children remember their face.

2. Keep Taking: Whey you speak with baby or children you should have a space for baby to follow the word that you speak such as the last word of sentence that you speak. At the first time that you practice your baby will doubt but if you do it again and again your baby will remember and pacing the word that you speak and try to repeat the word that you speak at the space that you leave for baby to speak.

3. Wise because of breast milk: From the research parent should use breast milk for your children and baby sitter or nannies sitter should not use cow mild or other types of milk instead of breast milk because it will effect baby IQ in the future.

4. Be Funny: Baby Sitter or Nannies Sitter should make baby laugh and do something funny because these will make baby remember and copy the way that you do for example Stick your tongue out and more than 80% your baby or children will do like you did for sure.

5. Magic Mirror: Most of baby like to look into the mirror and they will feel fun when they see themselves in the mirror so these is a trick for many baby sitter and nannies sitter to make baby laugh.

6. Tickle Tickle: Tickle to baby and make them laugh because laugh is the beginning of emotion development

7. Different Picture: Carry two picture that look like the same with the distance 8 to 12 inch such as Picture of House, Picture of Tree and etc which these can make your children see the different thing from each picture that can develop baby’s memories such as article memories and reading in the future.

8. Views Together: Bring your baby to see something different such as take a walk or explain something about environment that you baby see which these will create a chance for baby to learn something new.

9. Strange Voice: Do some things different such as make a voice that you baby never hear before or copy the way that your baby speak which these will adapt and develop your baby listening skill.

10. Sing a Song: Not only make some strange voice but you should Rhythm between you and baby such as when you change Diaper for baby then you have to sing something that relate with Diaper or any song that have High-pitched or Low-pitched or you can open a song for you baby. From the research Rhythm can help baby develop and learn Match better.

11. Bathrooms Time: Bathrooms time have a value because it is place that your baby can learn a thing that around your baby such as Bathrooms equipment and etc and baby sitter can also describe to baby step by step that now what are we doing and these can help baby learn daily activity.

12. Become a Toy: No need to invest anything if you make yourself become a toy for baby such as lay down on the floor and let baby clamber across your body which these will make you become a playground for your baby.

13. Shopping Time: Bring baby to the shopping mall which these can help baby see something new such as light, color, sound, people and many more.

14. Baby Involve: When you do something you should let your baby involve with the thing that you do such as turn off the light and you must say that you will turn off the light and then turn it off so children or baby will learn the word that you just plus reason and result.

15. Voice and Touch: Make your baby active by blow a soft wind to baby face, arm, hand, and etc and you must find rhythm when you blow the wind that fast or slow, hard or soft and etc. These will create imagination to your baby and you will see the amazing result from your baby.

16. Magic Tissue: If baby love to pull Tissue then let baby do it because to crush the paper or tissue can develop Sensory and manipulation for your baby.

17. Read a book for baby: Read a book for your baby can help your baby develop in reading faster because your baby will remember Word, Character from the book that you read for them. From the research even Children aged 8 months able to learn, remember and sort the words in the sentence 2 or 3 times so you should read something to your baby one time per day.

18. Playing hide and seek: Playing Hide and Seek can make you baby laugh and also make your baby develop when something disappear or lost then it can be come back again.

19. Different Touch: Find something that have a different skin such as mink, silk, Tissue or anything that have different skin to your baby so they will learn the feeling when baby touch each items.

20. Let baby Relax: Free time for you baby for 5 to 10 minute and do nothing so baby will discover everything around them you must let your baby Freedom and you have to wait the time until you baby come back to you these is the way to teach oneself for your baby.

21. Family Picture: Put family picture into one album and let your baby see it as often as you can in order to make baby remember cousin name and when grand parent call you can to show the picture with the voice that you baby receive a phone call.

22. Funny Meals: When you baby can eat additional food so you must not forget to make a different food that have different skin such as small fruit, big fruit, pasta, serial and many more and let your baby do it alone if baby want to which these can help develop baby senses.

23. Baby love to drop items: Sometime baby like to drop the thing that they carry to the floor so these action is the action that you can help your baby learn about gravity.

24. Magic Box: Find three box and hide the most baby’s favorite items in the box and switch the box and let your baby find it which these is one types of brain development.

25. Create Barrier: Motivate baby skills by put sofa, pillow, box or toy and let baby crawl through it and you baby will think that how to crawl through these barrier.

26. Emulate: Most of baby like their parent do what they do for sometime so parent or baby sitter should do something when baby do such as Yawn, Speak like baby do, do the same voice that baby do, crawl like baby crawl and many more which then will inspire action and emotion from baby when they see the thing that baby sitter or parent do like what they did.

27. Make your face different: Create a new face for yourself such as show your tough, make funny face or anything that make baby interest and would like to touch but you have to make a condition such as when baby touch eyes you do this voice, when baby touch mouth you do that voice and etc.

28. Crawl like baby: Crawl slowly like baby do around the house and stop when see something different or create some spot that different in the house and let baby discover something different.

29. Way of Feeling: Carry baby around the house in the raining day that let baby touch window to feel the cold or something around the house but you must remember safety is the first priority which these can help baby develop in sense and feeling when they touch something that cold, wet or slip.

30. Tell baby story: Tell a tale or favorite tale that baby like but you must not tell the same story which you can adding your baby name into important character in order to make baby feel surprising and fun.

Find activities to inspire your baby

Babysitter or Parent should find activities to inspire baby to use their brain to think for example persuade baby or kids to watch news, documentary and many more to discuss and talk with your baby or even exchange idea then babysitter or parent should use their good attitudes include in the story that you discuss. The idea of each person may be different and able to think is a different way but the standard of your thinking must stand on the right and reasonable which these may cause your baby become a reasonable person in the future.

Not only find new activity to inspire your baby but babysitter and parent should teach your baby to learn how to write everyday and these will develop your baby thinking and filter your baby thinking which the out come will come out from the word that baby write. Writing is the best way to train your baby to use their brain to think, to imagine, to express their imagination, to express their emotion, to express feeling and many more.

When baby know to use reason to think and thinking with their reason which these will become the first step to protect your baby and act as an armor no matter your baby received influence from the media and influence from friend which you baby will able to solve the problem or making decision on their own that result from the things that you teach your baby to use reason to think before doing something.

Rule that can not negotiate

Parent and Babysitter should set the rule that your kids can not negotiate and if kids break the those rule your kids will be punish such as kids are not allow to go out after 7:00 PM which this is iron rule and if your kids break these rule will result into punishment.

Rule that can negotiate

These rule your kids can negotiate will you such as ordinary rule in ordinary day that can flexible such as if you kids come back from school and have a lot of home work to do so you allow your kids to do homework and leave housework that you order your kids to do everyday after your kids finish their homework.

Rule that you should teach your kids for example No saying potty words, no spotting at people, No pushing or touching people, No Punching, Wait your turn to talk, Listen to parent and babysitter, Use nice words and many more.

If you kids follow the rule that you set so you should give a reward such a hug or anything that you think it would be reward for your kids. Parent and babysitter should not express angry emotion if your kids break the rule and do not follow the rule that you set or punish your kids but the right that parent and babysitter should do is warn your kids and tell the reason that your kids should not do.

Love from babysitter and parent can build your kids become strong mind and have confident in doing everything so parent and babysitter should teach and train your kids what is right, what is wrong, learn how to love, how to give love to other people, understand your responsibility, confident with manner and the important thing is moral and integrity in their lives which these will effect your kids to become a good person in the future.

If your kids do not to share something to other people, parent should not rebuke to your kids because your kids may do not know or understand why they have to give something to other people which parent and babysitter should be equanimity when you teach your kids because your kids may feel resist if they do not understand something and do not want to do the thing that they do not want.

Parent and babysitter should teach baby by always tell them to share but do not force them to share and when your baby share must be in a scope and not to harm yourself which these may cause your kids become too kind and do not know how to refuse which it is a big problem when they grow up.

Teach your baby to have Effort and Patience

Parent want children to overcome difficulties and obstacles that come to their children life and become successful in children life by themselves. These can happen from training your children to have Effort, Patience, Commitment and Attempt such as if your children want something your children must have effort in order to get the thing that they want.

Parent and babysitter should teach your baby to have Effort, Patience, Commitment and Attempt when your children were young in order to make it become a habit of your children. Parent and babysitter should teach children to faced the problem that come through your children life and these will make your children have confidence and proud but even the first time children can not solve the problem, parent and babysitter should embolden or encourage that every problem must have solution. Let you children use their effort to solve that problem. After you children able to solve problem then parent and babysitter should teach children to review the way that your children solve that problem in order to improve and adjust in the defect part.

Not only teach your children to solve the problem that come though your children’s life but babysitter and parent should teach you children to have optimistic vision and make your children always think that every obstacle is a challenge and you children will have confident when problem come and will solve every problem with their effort. Moreover your children will be able to control their emotion if you teach them that emotion can not solve any problem.

Teach you children to become a calmly person will benefit a lot because your children will think before they do something and able to think and analyze the way to solve each problem then select the best and perfect way to solve their problem. Every problem that come to your children life can not pass through if you children do not have patience which parent and babysitter should teach your children to have patience in every situation because patience is characteristic of people that can control their emotion. Parent and babysitter should teach their children to have patience that match with children age range.

When you children learn to have Effort, Patience, Commitment and Attempt which it is important when your children grow up and you should teach your children when they were young in order to have Patience and Effort in doing something and able to solve every problem in a right way when problem pass through their life.

How to teach your children to respect you and other people

Parent and babysitter should teach your baby to understand how to respect parent and other people like babysitter. Parent and babysitter must express or show example to your baby first such as show respect to grand mother, show respect to grand father and many more in order let your baby see how to pay respect to other people which it is important to teaching respect because it will make your baby become a humble person.

Person that understand respect is humble person and if your baby do not understand how to respect other people it will make your baby will refusing to bow to anyone and pride which it is not good because it will effect a lot when your baby grow up and first thing is your baby will not listen to you when they grow up and when you order something they will not listen because your baby will trust only baby itself and won’t listen to other people and sometime also insult other people.

Parent and babysitter that love baby and want your baby to become a good person and to be loved by other people by teaching respect. To teach your baby to respect other people usually come from humble which can do from physical, verbal and mind.

Humble from physical

The way that can express humble from physical is to express everything with politely such as show respect to others, greeting adult and many more.

Humble from verbal

The way that parent and babysitter can teach you baby to humble from verbal is to speak politely and speak from their heart not pretend to speak.

Humble from mind

Humble from mind is come from a good mind such as have mercy, optimistic person and think before do everything.

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