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Design your home with eco-friendly and modern

Below you will see a great idea to design you home

Design your home with eco-friendly and modern

How can you describing your home? Modern? Classic? eco-friendly? Tranquil or Homely? The owners of this elegant property had hoped to merge the thresholds of interior and exterior. Being the builders of the home by wanted to bring it to life by incorporating the idea of floating element, using cantilevers on both the floor screening, with LED lighting and on the roof slab.

If you are agreed from the outset that you wanted to create a simple easy living space in which to love, laugh and entertain without betraying as family. When you sit out side on breathtaking evening and it make you feelas if the star and moon come out espeically for you which it is your home.

You may need little or no maintenance with absosteel garage doors among the latest products which most of manufactured from a lightweight, double skinned, high strength steel and filled with free polyurethane foam which these doors are available in any colour and with a smooth or textured finish.

For the interior they will select a white palette to create a minimalist with contemporary feel by using an abundance of natural elements such as glass, aluminium, wood and leather which they thought would have the least effect on the environment.

In the spirit of preserving the environment that you should installed aluminium double glazing throughout the house with water based underfloor heating solar geysers polished concrete flooring and gas stoves and fireplace. One more thing that you should consider is the side open space that afforded by the estate provided with a gracefully positioned stand at the end of two roads with heavnly views as well as a sense of privacy which tends to elude most.

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