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Design and Decor ideas to revive your space

Below you will see a few tips to inspire your idea for your home decor

Design and Decor ideas to revive your space
1. The Show Stopper: You can design with unique collage chandelier which it can inspired by nature and able to mixes a collection of dividually illuminated elements made from combination of bronze porcelain, steel and crystal for spetacular effect.

2. Light Canopy: For a lighting canopy idea which you can apply ceiling installation with a moody glow white serving as an interesting feature and link between the kitchen area and living space.

3. Old Favourite: With beautiful antique pendnats able to create a unique feeling for your place which recently installed at loading bay coffee shop in Cape Town as part of a comprehensive renovation inject instant onld world charm with an industrial edge.

4. Group Identity: You can purchase waterfront to taken upcycling to a new level with it clustered pendants made from upturned terracotta pots. These fixture have been interspersed with empty pots by creating more volume for an increased visual impact.

5. Sustainable Silhouette: The pendant light that have design can besuspended either individually or in a group which it depending on your lighting need but the main draw card which is the fitting glare free flat panel LED technology which allow the bulb to last for 50,000 hours or 25 year of daily use.

6. Hover Craft: The design pedant lamp is designed to swivel along a central axis that allowing the flat panel LED disc to move fluidly directing light accordingly.

7. Upward Mobility: A hanging mobile chandelier is a associates that designed your home with cleverly adds three dimentional detal to a double volume space without overwhelming it.

8. Ripple Effect: The latest creation of light bulb that using a traditional mouth blowing process which result in an organic uneven surface that projects a beautiful water like effect when lit.

9. Sharp Focus: You can aplly a bulbous branch light that inspired by natural forms. The smae vein but introduces dramatic glass spikes into the mix as well. The piece able to create a focal point in understated dining room space.

One more tip: Wall Lamp can create a new design that incorporating a swivelling arm add a new multifunctional dimension to wall lighting. Using chic fitting to illuminate artwork or even for reading.

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