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Create the Look with best dressed windows

Great tips to create a look for your curtains

Great tips to create a look for your curtains

Curtains are making a comeback in bathroom that not only do the soften the linear shapes of the sanitary fixtures but they can create visual interest. Curtain or drapes that have layering blinds with curtains as not only is it functional but it’s an unexpected way to enhance the window or door as the focal paint in a room. In order to compliment the blind and complete the llok of the moderden bathroom which you have to painted natural wood curtain and using accessories with white tone. It’s depending on your need for privacy which these elegant have extra length drapes that can be tied back or drawn. Either way you can add a decorative element to your fuinctional space. Bring personal pieces into your bathroom will also help bring the look to life.

Blind Selection Tips: The different blinds offer different benefits from light filtering which can complete block out. You should always hold the blind that you are considering up against a light source to see exactly how it’s affected by the light. You should also take a look and consider the level of privacy that you need against what the blind will provide. For example a light filtering blind will not offer privacy at night. It’s also depend on your window measurments that blind can be hung either inside your window recess or onto the wall above your window.



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