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Create Guideline for your kids

Guideline or rule is stipulation that you can force your kids or baby to be a guideline to achieve good results which parent, babysitter, nanny sitter should set a rule or guideline for kids or baby to participate in the right way. Create a rule able to build discipline to your baby and kids which discipline is very important for your baby or kids when grow up and the rule that you set for kids must be a good rule and positive which allow kids to express their behavior in the box that you set for them.

Parent and babysitter should train kids to have discipline when they were young by set daily activity and the thing that they can do and they can not do which kids must obey and respect parent or babysitter and also respect to the punishment when kids break the rule that sets. Parent and Babysitter should teach kids with reason and should not use emotion when teach your kids because kids do not have patience. Parent and Babysitter should not set to rule to punishment kids but Parent and Babysitter should tell the reason that why you have to set the rule and punishment if kids break the rule that you set. Kids do not have patience like adult people so if kids displeased something they will take action.

Parent and babysitter should explain the benefit of the rule that you set or explain the result from doing the right things in order to let your kids accept in the rule that you set. Parent or babysitter that indulgent your kids too much will make your kids become self-centered and no discipline. Rule and Guideline that Parent and babysitter should set have two types below.

Rule that can not negotiate

Parent and Babysitter should set the rule that your kids can not negotiate and if kids break the those rule your kids will be punish such as kids are not allow to go out after 7:00 PM which this is iron rule and if your kids break these rule will result into punishment.

Rule that can negotiate

These rule your kids can negotiate will you such as ordinary rule in ordinary day that can flexible such as if you kids come back from school and have a lot of home work to do so you allow your kids to do homework and leave housework that you order your kids to do everyday after your kids finish their homework.

Rule that you should teach your kids for example No saying potty words, no spotting at people, No pushing or touching people, No Punching, Wait your turn to talk, Listen to parent and babysitter, Use nice words and many more.

If you kids follow the rule that you set so you should give a reward such a hug or anything that you think it would be reward for your kids. Parent and babysitter should not express angry emotion if your kids break the rule and do not follow the rule that you set or punish your kids but the right that parent and babysitter should do is warn your kids and tell the reason that your kids should not do.

Love from babysitter and parent can build your kids become strong mind and have confident in doing everything so parent and babysitter should teach and train your kids what is right, what is wrong, learn how to love, how to give love to other people, understand your responsibility, confident with manner and the important thing is moral and integrity in their lives which these will effect your kids to become a good person in the future.

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