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Create a garden with full of beautiful creatures

Below you will see a great tips to a beautiful gharden

Bring life to a garden butterfiles bring colour spriit and movement into a garden, creating biodiversity and fertilising plants. This is beacuse these beautiful insects, while daintily sipping nectar from a flower, are also pollinating it. Good news for laidback gardeners who do not mind a sprawling garden with a few weeds peeking out among their blooms. However, you need not limit yourself to a rambling cottage style garden to attract butterflies. Butterfiles are known as lepidopterans, meaning having scaly or rough wings. Apparently, the tiny overlapping scales on their wings which give them their name reflect light and give butterflies their beautiful colours.

The butterfly is not popular cousin with the moth but however the humble moth also has an important role to play in the insect world. Cactus and dragonfruit and the hawke moth is one of the few things that pollinate. The life cycle of the butterfly involves 4 stage egg, caterpillar , pupa and adult butterfly. A female butterfly lays eggs on the host plant and after a few days the caterpillar inside eats its way out of the egg. It feeds on the leaves of the host plant and grows at an incredible rate, shedding the outer skin as it grows then it becomes a pupa and eventually emerges as an adult butterfly.

Butterflies are welcome additions to a garden but leaf muching caterpillars are usually not. You can not have one without the other. Every time you kill a caterpillar you are killing a butterfly.

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