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Could you have had a stroke?

Thonsand of people miss the signs of a mini stroke

You may think of a stroke as a life shattering event that can rob you of speech, movement and memory. But some strokes have symptoms so belief, so mild or so subtle that they pass unnoticed. Experts now argue that failing to recognise these warning signs could be putting thousand of us at risk of a major stroke.

One in three people having a mini stroke and known medically as a TIA or transient ischaemic attack. Meanwhile according to U.S. study one in 10 apparently health middle aged people had telltale patches of dead brain tissue indicative of a stroke on brain scans.  It usually affect only a small part of the brain or the part that controls less obvious functions than the ability to speak and move. But they can still cause damage that many manifest itself in subtle changes in personality, a diminished ability ot plan or juggle several things at once, a lack of get up and go or forgetfulness which over time can accumulate leading to a greater rish of dementia in later life.

What is a stroke?

Strokes happen when blood supply to the brain is interrupted with most often by a blood clot but sometimes by a bleed. Depriving its cells of oxygem and nutrients. In a classic strokes, the blood clot is in an area of the brain controlling movement and or speech and stays in place for longer than 24 hours which causing brain cell to die. This can result in permanent disability within minutes. There can be permanent damage but the brain is mostly able to compensate by using other pathways.

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