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Updated Cornerstone Mantels Coupon Code Lists

Cornerstone Mantels

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About CornerstoneMantels.com

CornerstoneMantels.com is a site that you can shop a variety design of fireplace products and accessories at best price on the internet. When you visit Cornerstone Mantels website you will find their products that separate into categories such as Gas Grills, Smokers, Tabletop & Tailgate Portable Grills, Grill Covers & Grill Mats, BBQ & Grill Accessories, Outdoor Kitchens, Outdoor Fire pit, Outdoor Kitchens, Patio Heaters, Outdoor Furniture, Outdoor Structures, Hearth Pads, Wood Stoves, Natural Gas Stoves, Pellet Stoves, Furnaces, Natural Gas Stove Replacement Parts, Fire Glass, Fire Shapes, Gas Logs, Fireplace Glass Doors, Fireplace Grates, Andirons, Bellows, Candelabras, Firebacks, Fireplace Decor, Fireplace Screens, Firewood Racks & Holders, Fireplace Tool Sets and many more for you to shopping from Cornerstone Mantels website. Cornerstone Mantels join fireplace business for over 20 years which you can assure in their products quality which guarantee from their experience. If you have any question about order products from Cornerstone Mantels website which you can contact their customer support directly at 888-520-FIRE which their call center will available for you from Monday through Friday at 9:00am until 6:00pm.

Ecosmart Fire XL900 Ethanol Burner from Cornerstone Mantels

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Tips to Choose Fireplace for your home decor

Outdoor Fireplace1. First of all you have to decide your main purpose from buying fireplace for example for your home decoration, for heat, is it heat efficiency and many more reason that you should be consider before buying fireplace. These question you can ask for recommendation from sales person and you will notice that your options will be narrow and you can select your fireplace with the most perfect match from your need.

2. Second is avoid point because you should avoid using fireplace that have intention of heating more than one room because your fireplace you not work effectively.

3. If you are the one that looking for fireplace that have heating efficiency, you should consider with self modulated fireplace because it contain thermostat controlled that can automatically turn up and down temperature automatically.

4. Before buying fireplace you should have research the fireplace option and trim options in order to determine which is the best option that suit your home decor. After you finish research your fireplace and after that you have to decide the specific fireplace insert by asking sales person in order to review trim designs.

5. If you have a chance to watch fireplace that you would like to buy you have to watch your fireplace while the flames is inactive and active because your fireplace will not work 24 hours or all day long.

Outdoor Lighting6. You should avoid selecting fireplace that have heating insert from fan that push hot air out in your room because it’s not a good fireplace. For a good fireplace is a fireplace that work without fan. For another point that you should consider is a circulation of your fireplace because it will marginally improve the heat of your room and it always be make some noise and will make uncomfortable for you.

7. Design are also important when select fireplace because it’s will match your decorative log set of your home or not. Choosing fireplace area are also important because the area of your fireplace will control air flow in your room.

8. One more thing that you should take into attention is about gas fireplace because gas fireplace have a lot of number of options for you to select such as thermostats, wall switches, remote controls and many more.

9. If you are not select gas fireplace as your options you can also select electric fireplace as your option. For electric fireplace are also available in fireplace store which have a lot of size and style for you to select. Electric Wood Burning Fireplacefireplace are also have a lot of trim options.

10. The most important point from selecting fireplace is fireplace retailer which fireplace retailer are the company that will look after your fireplace which you should select fireplace retailer that have HVAC insured and take care everything about installation because installation will effect overall fireplace operation, durability and safety.

How to select perfect lighting for your decoration

Lighting or Lamps have a variety of design and multi-size which you have to choose it appropriate in order to lighting up and also add beauty to your home. For the recommendation of technique and what should be consider before selection lighting and lamp is mention below.

Down Lighting is usually attached to the the entire area of your house for every entire of every room in the house. It can be used in conjunction with other lighting and lamps. These can help your room look too flat but you can also use a single adjustable downlights by add a dimension by selecting the light bulb that have different narrower. This can make your light up for eyes and make a point in space. The disadvantage is it cost a lot and may prod your eyes.

Hanging Lighting or Wall Lighting that can make your room become much more interesting by selecting a wall lighting or hangeing lamps. Before select wall lighting you must find the suitable wall lighting or lamp in order to match with your home style because it can be stuck in your room. Wall Lighting and Lamp can make your room look harmonious or can make your room style become more classic. So you just select a correct lamps or wall lighting such as Louise or Vintage. In additional, the number of lamps must not too much for your room and you can also play with colors of wall light in order to make your room color. The light that passes through the attractive decorative light must select color of light carefully.

How to select furniture to suit your rooms

Choosing furniture is one factor that can add more charm to your home or room which furniture can also reflect the style and tastes of your room or home as well. There are some suggestion for your consideration before make order your furniture.


For large area which you can select a lot of furniture to add in your large area as you wish but you must look for a suitable for your room such as big living room but you choose small sofa which these do not make your room look elegant for the performance of your room space. Size of your room is very important for select your size of furniture and if you have a big size you should select a suitable size of furniture for your space.

Decoration Style

You should observation and study a different styles of decoration such as open internet or magazines of feature various styles. Furniture should not selected as stainless or glass because it looks too modern. If you like sweet vintage style you should select furniture in shades of bright and pastel shades which according to each individual preferences.


For the use of your furniture of each room which you must make sure that that it is enough for each room.

Living Room

The most important pieces of living room furniture is sofa and chairs which you must select the size to fit your space. If your room are small you should use two seat of sofa which can save a lot of space for you. Three seat sofa is fit for the room that have enough space. For Shorter or Height of sofa is depending on the pleasure and taste of the owner home or room. The most important thing is you should try it before you but that it is comfortable to sit or not and do not focus on their image only you must focus on comfortable too.

Bed Room

Bedroom is depends on the satisfaction of yourself which your bed should be a perfect fit which these can reduce the size of a small room to make more space to add more furniture. However, your room must use color that can make your sleep well. A bed with legs is very popular nowadays which is an option for you to select.


The most important furniture for you office is table to place your desktop computer and keyboard. For second thing is chair, your chair should work perfectly to support your back and body. Bookshelf furniture is also important for office room and you should use a strong structure of bookshelf furniture because it need to support large volumes of books. For another furniture that you can also add to your office room is cabinet doors which can make your office room look more elegant.

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