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Copying within a clique

There are two of dominant kid typically emerge

During middle school there are 2 type of dominant kids typically emerge. One who is positive and fun to be around and another who is influential but also manipulative. If your child hangs out with a manipulative leader, your kid may feel demeaned fairly frequently. What helps? By emphasizing the important of thinking for herself and being her own person not merely the sidekick of a bossy pal. Have a conversations about when it’s ok to give and when it’s not. For example it’s fine to let the group’s leader decide which movie to watch if you don;t care but it’s not ok for the queen bee to determine on how own who’s invited to go to the movie. If you happen to have a child who’s the leader of her clique which you can help her cultivate empathy by refularly asking her how her friend are feeling and doing.


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