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Composting Techniques

Tip for Composting Techinques

Most of gardeners make compost by combining their kitchen and garden waste in an outdoor compost pile and waiting for it to rot. There is no need to buy special activators or inoculants. Because of each dead plants and bucket of food waste added to compost activates different strains of the naturally occurring microbes that promote decomposition. Mangled coffee filters and their kitchen can be unsightly, however and aged left overs sometimes attract unwanted animals and insects in search of food. For these reason many composters divert their kitchen waste into an enclosed compost bin or the chicken yard before they combine it with bulkier pulled weeds and other yard and garden waste in a slow compost pile.

To keep from feeding critters kitchen waste first goes into three black compost containers until unrecognizable. Then add it to big fenced in bin for yard waste. Mae pound and pound of compost this way. Use the same system at your place by capturing the yucky stuff in a compost bin and then mixing it the transitional stage kitchen waste into garden compost piles two or three times a year. The benefit of an enclosed compost bin so much.

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