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China Censors Hong Kong

China Censors Hong Kong
Protest in Hong Kong

Many people who live in China may have difficult time to join a list of social network because it’s unavailable now with behind China’s Great Firewall which already include Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and many more social network. Protesters in Hong Kong were uploading the image to Instagram and become a reporter for many news channel. The images that upload can see in the mainland China until Sunday when Chinese Censors everything and have blocked access to Instagrm which you can check website like blocked in China which will show the reports of what sites are blocked in mainland China as you can see such as Instagram is blocked and all the regions that China Monitor outside. Protesters in Hong Kong have have not reported censorship in Social Media but they do saying that internet connection is moving slowly typical in any place for their protest so many people in Hong Kong had turned to fire chat (fire chat is a chatting application that doesn’t need an internet connection) in order to chatting and transfer a picture to each other.
Fire Chat in Hong Kong

What’s up fire chat allows?

Fire Chat allows you to send text messages and photos but uses mesh networking by combination of bluetooth and Wi-Fi to send message. The company behind fireturck abscess it was downloaded more than 100,000 times in Hong Kong alone between Sunday and Monday.

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