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Check yourself before you wreck yourself with pre cut guide

Below you will see a tips of hair style for yourself

Are you ready for the big chop? Checking yourself before your wreck yourself with pre cut guide.

Face Shape

Round: A round shaped face will suit a long bob to create length in the face. The extra inches with keep your round shape balanced and looking amaze.

Oval: If you have a oval shaped face, It suits most haircuts. Mix things up here and there and try something a little different to see what work for you.

Square: A square face shape needs a soft cut around the jawline. Ask for a few layer to add a little more texture and movement.

Heart Shaped: This face suit a classic shoulder length bob. With this chic style you can experiment with different ways of parting your hair.

Hair Type

The texture and thickness of your hair is an important factor to consider before a change. Why it’s going to impact the way your hair falls and how you style it once you get it cut.

Thin: For suggest is going for a shorter bob that sits either around the jawline or just above it. The way you can add in a bit of texture and movement with layers.

Thick: It’s best to try to long bob for this hair type. The hairdresser can thin out your locks with layers when cutting it and you can gradually try out shorter lengths and styles.

Curly: Super curly hair works best with a long bob that sits about the shoulders so that the shape is not too round.

Wavy: This particular hair type is an all rounder and will work for just about any length from above the shoulder to jawline.


A new hairstyle means that you get to mix up your morning hair routine. Each bob will require some new styling tools and fresh hair products to match.

Below you will see top three tips for when you are ready to head to the salon:

  • Sit down with your hairdresser and talk through your decision thoroughly. They will have a good advice.
  • Take in some photos of bobs you like and styles that you think that it might work with your hair. This will help give your hairdresser some idea of what you want.
  • IF you ever feel uncomfortable with something they are about to do then speak up. There is nothing worse than paying for a cut that you are not totally in love with.

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