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Check your transit time in your Toilet

Below you will see useful information about toilet time

Check Transit Time

To check bowel transit time drink 240ml of beet juice or eat two tablespoons of sesame seeds. Note the timeand checkour stools over the next 12-48 hours. The time it takes to see a redish coloured stool if you drank the beet juice or see the seeds indicates your bowel transit time.


A healthy Stool is generally brown in colour which is caused by the bile used in the digestive process. Bile is produced by the liver and is then stored and concentrated in the gallbladder. When you eat this bile is discharged into the small intestin and is primarily used in the digestion of lipids. Which these include fats and water soluble vitamins. Any major changes in this colour should be considered an early warning sign of problems. A dark black stool for example could be indicate internal bleeding. However, black stools are also common when taking a vitamin that contains iron or certain medications. Similarly red or maronn stools could be casued by serveral different conditions which including haemorrhoids, anal fissures, colon polyps or colon cancer, diverticular bleeding or inflammatory bowel disease. Stools that are light in colour and look like grey clay could indicate a block in the flow of bile or liver disease. Light green stools normally indicate a fast bowel transit time.

The 4S Method

4S in addition to monitoring frequency a quick evaluation before you flush according to the 4s of defecation shape, size, smell, and shade. These will also provide improtant information about your health.


Your stool consists of undigested food, bacteria, mucus, dead cell and parasits. In essence this is all decaying matter so a bad smell in not indicative of the problem. The bacteria and parasites present can also contain compounds that produce unpleasant smell. If the smell is not pleasant anyhting overpowering or rancid could indicate issues.

Size and Shape

The size and shape of stool can be a great deal of important. For the recent research has debunked this way of thinking while a pencil shap;e may indicate a blockage which it is not alway cause for concern. The important element once again is any persistent deviation from the norm.










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