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Challenge and Searching for Signs for Toxic Burden

Challenge for measure toxic burden

The effective way to profile an individual’s toxic burden has not yet been established. This is due to the many variables involved in toxicity. To start with there are ten of thousands of toxins to test for so which ones to test? which heavy metals? Which pesticides? Second, our capacity to test for toxins is limited. There are only a couple of laboratories globally that will test for glyphosate. The world most used herbicide. While evidence is mounting to show this toxin has a major role to play in a wide range of chronic diseases, there is no easy way of testing for it.

Blood tests can show which toxins that you are currently exposed to. That is which toxins are in the blood because of what you have been digesting, inhaling or absorbing through the skin in the short term. hair mineral analysis can indicate which toxins the body is excreting. This can become confusing, though as toxins are liberated and excreted through the hair, a high reading can indicate the excertion of toxin but no the actual levels in the body. Hair mineral analysis shows what toxins were in the body and successfully excreted. Breast milk is one of the most tested human excretions for toxicity studies. The results of there are saddening as the amounts and range of toxic compounds are often very high. Sweat too, can be tested for a range of toxic chemicals including some of the persistent organic pollutants. Technology has been developed to test the breath. However most of these tests are not freely available and are not cheap and again will only identify what they are searching for not the myriad other toxins that you exposed to.

Searching for the signs

Signs and symptons of toxicity are many and can provide a good indication of what needs support during a detox. Signs such as tiredness indicate general toxicity. Specific coloured pigments on the skin, gums and eyes can indicate heavy metal toxicity. A blue line on the gums for example indicates mercury toxicity. An individual’s history of exposure to different toxins provides insight into possible accumulation. Suffice to say it’s difficult to identify an individual toxic fingerprint. With the development of testing technology more tests will be available to show exsactly how toxic that we know today.

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