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Building Endurance with Nutrition

Below you will see a great tips for building endurance

If you are the one that aiming to achieve an extra edge in training and whta you are putting into your body can make a significant impact when looking to maximise endurance and muscle recovery. Here are some things that you should consider.

Carb or not to crab

The jury seems to be out of this. More recently a low carb wit high fat diet has been promoted as superior for athletes. However, many experts disagree. The theory behind a low carb with high fat diet has been promoted as superior for athletes however many expert disagree with that. The theory behind a low carb, high fat diet is that the body will adapt to utilising ketones as an energy source plus the liver is equipped to synthesise glucose to keep the demand that consuming this form of diet for serveral weeks results in adaptation where the body becomes very good from using fat as energy. Reducing the requirement for readily available glucose from the diet. There is no doubt that these diets are ideal for reducing fat mass and early evidence suggest that adaptation is beneficial for ultra endurace runners. However the counter arguements that carbohydrates are still the easiest form of energy for the body to use and the best for high intensity training.

On Additional benefit of post training carbohydrate consumption is that the resultant insulin spike can suppress post training cortisol release which compromises your aims of muscle growth. However, whey protein also shows benefit inproviding a similar action plus amino acids for muscle recovery. Cortisol is a hormone that released in response to stress and long training sessions. It is beneficial during training as it promotes the availability of energy to the muscles. However, if cortisol remains elevated following training it can contribute to the breakdown of muscle protein that aims of glucose in the liver. The best way to aboid this catabolic state is to stimulate insulin release with post out. By provide a regular supply of glucose and amino acids during and after training as this will suppress the requirement for muscle protein breakdown.

The bottom line for everyone is different that based on your form of training and your genetics with your tastes. Your body composition goals with the balance of macronutrients in your diet may require alterin to meet your individual needs. The reduction in fat mass are desirable or in ultra endurance type events keto adaptation with a low carb. High fat diet may be the way to go. However, if speed and strength are your goals the bulk of research still seems to be in favour of a greater carbohydrate intake. Which diet that you select able to ensure that it is rich in high fibre nutrient dense plant foods with high quality protein and good fats while at the same time being devoid of empty calories and artificial additives.

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