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Bring your horse on the road tips and tricks

Below you will see a great tips for bring your horse on the road

If it’s traffic that your horse is worried about, there are certain techniques that can help him face his fears. Knowing your route is imperative. It’s really important to be aware of gateways or tracks that give you space to get your horse off the road if need be. If you are new to the area, take a walk down the lanes where you’ll be hacking to figure out what the road and traffic are like. As you begin to train your horse on the road, choose a safe, controlable environment and have a friend drive past. That way you will be able to prectise passing vehicles, knowing the car will stop when needed. If your horse is unhappy about cars passing him, it’s a good idea to turn him to face the vehicle as it passes. If you prefer to deal with the situation head on, rather than have the car creep up behind you. Once he’s turned his first instinct may be to go backwards but do be tempted to kick him. He has lots of energy already. Just focus on keeping his body straight, and staying calm and relaxed to help build your horse’s confidence and eventually he’ll realise it’s easier to go past the car than to make a fuss about it. As the car overtakes you, turn your horse back around in the direction you were originally going and follow the car away down the road.

Turning around to face a car might sound extreme and you will not have to do it for long for your horse to relax in traffic. The alternative is your horse feeling nervous about something approaching him from behind. horse feeling nervous about something approaching him from behind, tensing up and then you having to hold on to him to prevent him from running away, making him more tense claustrophobic and worried. Sometimes if you can see that a problem is likely, the safest thing to do is find a place to get  off the road, instead of allowing it to escalate into a dangerous situation. Before tackling a problem it’s essential that you know you can and will see it through to a successful resolution. If you change your mind halfway though, especially with a horse who is napping, he will learn that he can make the decision and run away and will do exactly that next time too.


The same thing applies when you are allowing a car to pass you from behind for the first time another good time to have a friend drive the car. Find a suitable place to get slightly off the road to give your horse more space and allow the car to pass. If he does react, disengage his hind end away from traffic and regain control.

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