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Bring the Outside in Tips for training

Below you will see a tips for outdoor training by bring the ouside in

Between deadlines and rainy weather somethmes it’s juse not possible to get outdoor as much as you would like. Bring nature to you is one from the study that found about viewing nature through a window with the resulted in imporved physicle and mental outcomes in patients while another study found that indoor plants help to improve focus and keep you calm. Below you will see the advice from the expert.

Keep plants in your home and office

  • Surround yourself with pictures of nature like on your desktop and screen saver
  • Spend time growing begetables or herbs in window sill pots
  • Adopt a pet such as a dog
  • Use nature based essential oil such as lavender lemon balm and rosemary
  • Download music with nature sounds
  • Eat a clean plant basedd diet that packed with fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Engage your senses while shopping, preparing, cooking and consuming your meals.


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