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Bring on your Power

Below you will see a few tips to bring on your power

You can building your own personal power, there may be some areas where you will find it which difficult to free your mind from obstacles so remember that it is all state of mind and changing your mind that can be done very quickly. The way that you see the world is based on your metal images, sounds and feeling. You have to pay attention to what images that you will make when you are stressed and make them smaller move them far away and make them far away and make them fuzzy and dim. You have to replace them with more relaxing images and make the new images big, bright, colourful and vivid. Change the tone of your inner voice and make it ridiculous so that instead of it sounding stressed. Use the laughter filter to frame every stressful situation in a humorous way. What you are really doing is changing your metal CD. Also by knowing your interal comunications your rules references beliefs, preceptions and associations so you can create a change model and you can use in an instant for youself.

In additional of anchoring and reframing which you can recreate that change and develop a new model for sustainable success. By knwing yourself and you can work with other to create outcomes that are beneficial overall. In working with a client recently was able to change an upsetting situation into one of certainty. The way this worked was to take an image of the upsetting situation that can replace it with the ideal image. It worked very well in the first one or two session and now this client is untroubled by the situation and the relationships has completely changed with the other person. Overall, it is important to take note of how you feel daily and whether you are totally driven or distracted and to note what distracts you. What are your beliefs attitudes and behaviours when you are feeling distracted. Knowing patterns of behaviour and how you operate daily leads you to new awareness and growth. Studying and practising the habits of successful and driven it individuals creates the right mindset for success. Arranging a support network on your journey to success can also increase your drive and motivation.

Tips for your power

  • Note where repeated messages show up
  • Consider where you expend energy in your life
  • Notice when true power has occurred for you
  • Develop your own life plan
  • Ensure alignment between inner and outer
  • Gain an objective view from a coach

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