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Bright and Beautiful color Concept

Make your house become Bright and Beautiful by using Color Concept

Bright with Beautiful Color Concept

Bring your house become Bright with Beautiful Color Concept

It’s beyond the fresh and vibrant shades that you can make on your walls and furniture. If you are the one that like a random stuff that may not be useful and you will find a place for it if you buy what you like. You do not to worry about pairing unlikely styles. The material or hues if it not clash or if it clashes in a beautiful way so it gonna be ok.


Living Room

Let’s start with Living Room first, living room is a place that you can put the first piece of furniture into these room becaue it served as staring point for the colour scheme in the living area. The rest of the furnishings is the side table and the rugs for instance and even the flooring able to creating a sense of coherence and unity. Another thread can add blue color in living roomwhich come with the form of exuberant powder. Blue wall by the dining table which also work with anchor the space. For dining chair can come with a shades such as mustard and lime. The reference of color for sofa and balanced with the neutral hues of the artwork and pendant lamps.



Kitchen is a place that you can mix and math a lot of thing in your kitchen such as having a blackboard in your kitchen, opting instead for a mount fuji painting and many more which it’s a idea that you can adapt for your kitchen. You can create a rainbow of color by adding and kept plain and neutral includes the white quartz, countertops, white laminated, half tiled, half concrete backsplash and many more which these can help your screed have more texture and it’s not too much distracting.



The master bedroom you can add white wall that can make your room become bright and clear which it’s a color for rest. The white and steel shades can be mix and match for your furniture in your master bedroom in order to evoke the feeling of urban oasis and are cooler tby take on contemporary decor. You can also adding some color is distressed green laminate panels can be scored with diagonal line to link visually to the doors of the walk in wardrobe.

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