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Adrian Peterson
Adrian Peterson from Minnesota Vikings super star just show his statement about excuse and he show a statement what he thinking. For breaking new about Adrian Peterson is about hurt his child. From the report Adrian Peterson posted $15,000 and was released. These news will impacted Peterson negatively. Minnesota Vikings have been deactivated him for the game with New England Patriots. NFL review and said that incident have been conduct the policy by personal league.

Adrian Peterson didn’t say any things to the public since he have charge of child abuse.

From NFL, the news of Peterson’s will be a good experience for other player. It’s fact that Peterson is one of the best and most popular player in league. For the best record from Peterson’s 2,097 yards.

For the last Sunday night Peterson didn’t play against New England Patriots but in these Sunday he will play against the New Orleans Saints.

Peterson post his article via twitter feed that “I never imagined being in a position where the world is judging my parenting skill or calling me a child abuser because of the discipline I administered to my son” Peterson’s also said that he want everyone to understand how sorry that he feel about the hurt that he brought his child.

Peterson’s close his statement by saying that he is not a perfect parent and he is not child abuser. His goal for teaching his child is what is good thing and what is bad thing on the day that he hurt his child. He accept that many people have a lot of feeling and comment about his action and his conduct. He love his son very much and he wanna be a good father of his son. In the deep of his heart believe that if you won’t he could have been one of those kids who lost in the streets if you are not teaching any discipline. He also believe that the way of teaching from his parent to be a good person in the past is a impact of his success in the present. He also said that he love his son and he will continue a better parent and learn from his mistake that he make.

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