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Black & White, Glass and Steel for Master Bathroom Ideas

Sleek Glass and Steel with Black and White shade for remodelled master bathroom

Black & White plus Glass and Steel for Master Bathroom Ideas
Remodelled master bathroom

If you are the one that design to remodelled your bathroom that you talk with your interior designers which they often asked you to create a contemporary interior but invariable this is with a soft edge. For this bathroom renovation, however there is no softening required if you want a shape, slick and edited look.

Designer recommended the new bathroom replaces with Japanese styled which it have huge soaking tub that took up most of the space. The bathroom was also very enclosed and compartmentalised. If you want much more open flowing space which it is important to bring light into the long, dark hallway that leading to the bedroom. For the consequently that existing wall able to replaced with ver sleek mondrain style glass and steel partitions that pay homage to the subtle decor styling which can be seen in the baseboards and mouldings. Designer also suggest by using different glass opactities within the space which the glass beside the hallway is sandblasted to allow plenty diffuse light to pass through. In order to providem ore privacy in the toilet room, the glass wall are laminated while the shower wall are clear glass. For sharp contrast are able to create between the powdercoated black steel and the crisp. For white shade can be freestanding oval tub and the vanity cabinetry which appears to float above the floor.

In order to provide an airy look and the illusion of more space you don’t have to add anything reaching down to the ground. The vanity extends like a ribbon right through the glass wall and into the toilet room. One more thing you can also add shade matches by usung marble tiles in the shower and toilet which walls feature gray blackpainted glass can also make a glossy contrast to the honed marble floor tiles.

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