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Bilateral Resistance Training Tips

Below you will see a few tips for Bilateral Resistance Training Tips

Traditionally with a resistance training exercise is executed in a bilateral fashion that use nominated corresponding prime moving muscles on your body. The barbell bench press, barbell deadlift and barbell biceps curl are just a few examples of common bilateral exercise.

There is no doubt that bilateral training is the fastest way for achieving muscle size with power and strength. Unfortunately the desired result can be cause collateral damage for your structural injuries to muscles joints. There is also a burden to rectify related injuries and the psychological frustration due to physical pain or exercise restriction which can be long term. One way to describe the potential risks of bilateral training is to compare it to someone that using shotgut for target practice. Most of pellets or bearing encased in the bullets would be dispersed during the shooter’s attempts to hit the bullseye cause unintended damage to the rest of the target in the process.

The damage to the body can be short term or long term in the form of soft tissue tears and strains bone degeneration or general aches and pains caused as a result of bilateral training. The results from one of two things.

– Repetitive strain to the muscles, joints and connective tissues.
– Imbalance of muscle development or strength and conditioning that ultimately relate to inappropriate and inefficient movement patterns.

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