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Be a social animal

Slipping into hermit mode

It is very easy to slipping into hermit more is all to easy some sunday, espically in the short days before daylight saving time kicks in. But there is plenty of research that shows that people who are less social tend to be less happ. And a Sunday already potentially mired in the blahs is when you will need contact with other the most. Can you stay on your communicate on facebook? Perhaps but connecting over a computer is not as effective as connecting with living, breathing humans. Any regular Sunday social ritual church for some, yoga or softball for other. Can In face from study found that people who routinely attend religious services were more satisfied with their lives than were those who didn’t. The reason, researches determined, is not just related to faith. It’s also about having friends in the congregation who give people a sense of belonging and in turn, higher levels of well being you may get similar benefits without joining a formal group. Being accountable makes it much more likely that you will not back out at the last minute. It  doesnn’t have to be overly complicated. Who want to wash a fondue pot on Sunday night? And it doesn’t have to involve many people. Something low maintenance like a scheduled phone call with your sister. Volunteering is one more way to connect but is has an unexpected perk. Giving away your time makes you feel as if you have more time. Hence, it extend your weekend. You get a sense that you are doing a lot with your time. That inspires you to do more later on that day which leads to more satisfaction. It’s a tactic to fend off that.



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