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Batting Glove Price Range

Batting Glove Price Range

If you want to buy some appropriate glove you must see instructions below before you start adjust your budget that you have in your pocket.

Budget below $40 – If you want to but cheap glove you can buy it in general sports store. For these types of glove are made from pressed paper, synthetic or artifical leather which you can call it glove paper. These types of glove have low quality which have lifetime shorter than 1 year.

Budget around $50 up to $75 – For the price you may have glove that made of genuine leather which possible made from leather, synthetic and sometime they are mixed in order to reduce costs. Some brand of glove that made from USE and Taiwan local brand usually in this price. These types of glove have lifetime not more than 2 or 3 years.

Budget between $80 up to $130 – For these types of glove have better quality which made from leather (Cow Hide Leather) which is tick and stiff than leather. These types of glove have longer than 3 years lifetime use which depending on care. These types of glove very famouse for player that play for a long time and want to use better glove such as league, university and etc.

Budget between $150 up to $250 – Glove that have good quality are at these price range because the material that they use have high quality and elaborate tailoring. These types of glove may come from cow or deer because it’s tickness and hard. For life time at these price range is 3 up to 5 years. Good quality of Glove for Baseball and Softball usually at these price range but depend on the budget that you have in your pocket.

Budget more than $350 – These price range are also call Professional Glove which you can see in the catalog from many top brand name at first page if you visit at their website. These type of glove are beautiful, elaborate and hand made production. 1 Cow can make 2 glove at these price range. These types of glove have to measure quite contasting hands. Many professional use glove at these price.

For another thing to consider before buying glove which are softball or baseball. In fact they can used glove for both softball and baseball. But many professional noticed that made for softball are soft and wide. If you use baseball glove to play softball it not good for catching the ball because baseball glove is harder than softball glove. Glove Size is also important normally size length 11″- 12″ is infielder glove which need speed to pick up and play. For size length 13″ – 14″ is out filder which emphasizes long been before.

Bringing Glove for short of IF to the OF can use but loss withing the hand and if you lead glove to play IF will make you catch the ball much more far but you will lose the quick to play, especially bookies and double play.

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