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Bathroom Special Ideas

Tips to select floorings for your bathroom
Tips to select floorings for your bathroom

How do you choose?
Floorings for your bathroom

It’s a simple question but it’s hard to answer that you need to ask youself before purchasing of order some type of flooring that you are fond of which it includes how long do they last and can they re treated?

Let’s start with Type of Floorings

“Slippery Issue

Types of Floorings

Types of flooring in your bathroom is very important because it will control the shade of your bathroom no matter bright or dark which it’s your choice. Floorings can be made from linoleum, ceramic, marble, granite, limestone and many more. It’s come in different sizes. You should select one with a rougher surface rather than the smoother one because it’s dangerous for old people when using bathroom with smooter floors such as glossy floorings. The spacing and the grid of the tiles in between may help with the grip in order to reduce the falling situation.


Solid Hardwood

Solid Hardwood can make your bathroom look goo but it’s not suitable in the long run because of moisture can damage the floor. Wood dents is easily and will swell and expand if left wet. It’s also requires more maintenance while chemical cleaner will cause more damage to its finish.


Engineered Wood

Engineered Wodd is the best choice among the other wood floorings because it’s have the top layer and base and made from real wood. It can also hold up against moisture as well. The disadvantage of these kind of wood is all about money because it’s expensive.


Laminate Hardwood

Laminate Hardwood is a choice for you to select. Not only able to pull off the looks of hardwood, but Laminate Hardwood also scratch and moisture resistant. Laminate Hardwood unlike normally solid hardwood. Laminate is made from synthetic products.


Tile Vinyl Floorings

Tile Vinyl Floorings or in the same word is Sheet it’s like wallpaper which these kind of flooring sheet come in wide rolls. Some vinyl sheet flooring able to cut and pasted together if the room is wider. You may find curling at the edges for these types of floorings.

Tips: How to reduce slips in bathrooms?

  1. Place a rubber mat on the floor and install strong grab bars in the shower area.
  2. Use a shower curtain or a glass door to prevent the rest of the bathroom from getting wet.

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