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Balance your addictions life

Below you will see therapy for balancing your life


Dependencies are insidious. One minute that you are happily slotting e-tail therapy into the window between gym and work. The next that you are ditching lunch with the girls so you can splurge on a robotic vacuum. Addictions such as compulsive emptional eating are often responses to either a perceived void or lack of self space. Once you are in the grop of dependency. It’s likely that you are pretty loyal. Trying to juggle compulsive behaviour with life obligations inevitably leads to stress especially if you are trying to keep your vice a secret. Part of recovery is restoring some balance which can be kick started with a formal schedule. It is helpful to keep track of your sleep patterns, exercise, dietary, intake and various other activities such as social events or time for relaxation. This will also make you more aware of the amount of time that you spend on a different activities as well as the impact that they have on your health and lifestyle balance. Even mild addictions consume life and mind space you might. If you are honest with your fear then you will not be able to fill. Setting goals can help you to repopulate your life so you will have got something to look forward to rather than dwelling on what you are missing. If the prospect of non addicted life looks empty, the neat trick is that setting a couple of goal tends to repopulate life as if. Another way to narrow your options is to audit your life for balance is there anything missing which is anything that you would like to do but never seem to find time to for example like listening to music, baking or hanging out with other people. Once you have named a big goal then break it into daily goals and remind yourself every morning of what you want the day to be like and how you will achieve balance.

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