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Back to school and Work ethics technique for your horses

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Your horse’s first few weeks in the school should be very basic work a couple of times a week then start to bring in a bit of lateral work for the more advanced horses and counter. Build it up from there, depending on the horse’s level and experience, do not begin work on lengthened strides or medium trot or canter until the horse is fitter. It’s really important to build it up gradually over the three month fittening period. After the first three of four weeks’ schooling, start to introduce a little bit of jumping which really basic, small fences to start. Gradually build up to simple gridwork then related distances and little courses. Also take the horses to the gallops which is a great way to improve their cardiovascular fitness. At least three months from his holiday to the first competition to ensure that your hourse is fit enough for cross country. It’s important to build up his workload slowly but consistently.

Work ethics

For work ethics by skimping on fitness work is a common mistake, but it’s harder for people who work full time. A few people who do not get their horses fit enough then pull them out of the paddock and take them to an event. This is not great for the horse and they tend to pick up injuries. It’s important to be realistic about how much work you can do with your horse. If you can not ride five days a week, it will take longer to get your horse to the same level of fitness, so just allow more time. Regular work is good for horses but saying that make sure you add in time to relax for day off. Although it takes time to put the work in, once you have got your horses to the desired fitness level, it’s easy to maintain it. If one of your horses has a week off and he’s already fit, it would not affect him in the same way as it would a less fit horse.

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