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How to take care your baby?

Parent is the most influence that can effect your children habit, emotion, feeling, thinking, learning,  and many more that will make your children act like what you do because children will do and act in the way thay parent do which include the way that parent speak. Most of parent that do not have much time to take care their children so they hire some babysitty or nanny sitter to take care of their children so babysitty or nanny is very important for them because babysitty or nanny sitter will act as a second parent that will effect your children. When you children grow up the expreience that occur when they was young will effect  your children attitude, behavior, action and thinking when they grow up so parent most choose babysitty or nanny sitter carefully because you can not change anything if it in the past the only one thing that you can do it best is present.

The way that you take care your baby in the right way must come from parent heart first which good parent must act themself like their baby’s friend or children’s friend by stay beside them when they need and many parent love their baby too much because they afraid that their baby will hurt, tired, trouble and much more so they will do everything for their children and these thing make your children become self-center, use only emotion. This thing is not good for your children when they grown up and parent should know what your children need in each age range of your children and nature of your children need. Baby Sitter is one of many choice for many parent but the important thing is parent much select baby sitter carefully.

8 Factor that make your baby won’t eat food that you choose for them

Normally when you eat food that you like with a good taste you will feel happy but if someone force you to eat food that you don’t like from many reason for example it good for health but taste is very bad like vegetable so you won’t eat much or you won’t eat any of it which baby is a same that they choose what they like to eat and some food they won’t eat.

Factor 1: Parent or BabySitter force baby to eat

Adult won’t like someone to force them to do womething which it is like baby that they don’t like someone to force them to eat which force parent or baby sitter can change to conversation thing not physical thing. For example try to eat this taste is so good, why you not eat this, if you eat you will become a princeness, prince and much more. These word you can adjust up to the situation. These word will dig deep into your children heart and they will collection these information and change it to their experience (include bad experience and good experience) that their parent or baby sitter force them in what way to do something.

Factor 2: Parent let your children eat too much

Baby’s stomach and Adult’s stomach is very different because baby’s stomach is very small and when your baby run or play their energy will burn very fast so your baby will always hungry during breakfast to launch, durning lunch to dinner and many parent afraid that their baby will hungry so they let their baby eat both milk and rice and next meal come they also force their children to eat (eventhough baby still full)

Factor 3: Food look not so good

Eat the same food every day for adult people is also bore and if you thing about children what it will be? Many parent afraid that their children may eat hard so they make food in the same menu but when your baby eat the same food for two or three time they will get bore so parent or baby sitter should change menu to make baby feel want to eat.

Factor 4: Baby won’t Chewing food

During baby teeth going up (Start after 9 Month) normally baby will itching they gums and they want to chew food and parent should training children to chew an easy food such as little pieace of biscuits and baby will happy durning they chew food. When your baby grow up parent or baby sitter can increase the size of food.

Factor 5: Baby Health

If a baby teeth is hurt and pain or sick and it is again that like a adult people when you are sick you will feel that you don’t want to eat anything which it like a children that they don’t want to eat any food.

Factor 6: Baby eat snack or milk until they full

Many time that during meal time baby usually hungry because they play until they tired which some parent give a snack or milk before meal time and these are the factore that make your children won’t eat during the meal. The thing that parent or baby sitter should do is let baby eat punctual meal (breakfast, launch, dinner)

Factor 8: Baby play and tired until they forgot hunger

Time that adult doint something happy mostly they will forget to eat which is like a baby that when they play until they tired they will feel not hungey and they will not eat anything and somethine parent afraid that their baby will hungry and then they force them to eat at the mean time which it is not good for children.

Factor 8: Parent choose food

Problem is parent don’t eat food so children will act like their parent which is they also don’t eat food because children will remember that thing that parent do act and think so do not doubt that why your hcildren won’t eat fodd that you prepare for them.

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