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Ashford.com is a website that you can find and order a variety design of luxury watch and jewelry at best price on the internet. If you have a chance to visit Ashford website you will find their luxurt items that separate into categories for example Sport Casual Watches, Casual Watches, Fashion Watches, Dress Watches, Gold Watches, Bracelets, Earrings, Necklaces, Pendants, Rings and many more. At Ashford website you can shop a variety of brand name watches at discount price.

Not only offer a variety of brand name watches at discount price but Ashford also giving away Ashford Promo Code for you which you can apply Ashford Promo Code after you finish adding your select items into your cart and during your checkout process you will see a box to apply Ashford Promo Code which current Ashford Promo Code can save your money up to 80% off plus free shipping on all order. Below you will see active Ashford Promo Code.


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Roles of Bridesmaid

We all know that the culture of being the bridesmaid and she is the closest person in the family, lady’s friends from the closest group and she will also usually coming from the closest cousin. The Bridesmaid hold an important role in accompanying the bride. Whenever we are in the wedding ceremony, we will usually see another group of beautiful ladies that will usually stick to the bride almost all the time. When looking at her dresses, we can also see that this group of ladies will usually dress “nicer” or having more beautiful dresses than any other people joining the ceremony and this is the bridesmaid. However, it is just more than to walk along whenever the bride goes, bridesmaid has more duty than just that and for those becoming the bridesmaid should be proud that you are being chosen to help on one of the most important job in the ceremony and the usual duties are below

– Help the brides to choose the wedding dresses

– Give advices on the music selection, gifts, flowers, and other wedding accessories

– Helps in welcoming the guests to the wedding party

– Help the bride to put on her wedding dresses because the wedding dress is a complicated dress which needs special attention when putting on and taking off. The Bridesmaid will help to hold the long dresses, zip up the dress, and adjust the dress properly as well as to watch out the accident that might happen when the bride is walking

– Giving advice when the bride is having trouble because when the wedding day is closed by, usually, the bride will get more stresses

– Help announcing the news of the event to other people as well as the details on the event.

– Help checking the environment of the wedding ceremony area, the music band, the flowers, food, and etc.

– After the party is over, bridesmaid will usually be the last person to go home as they will have to help the bride to look after the closing details of the ceremony

How to select Wedding Flowers in your Wedding Party

Flowers can make your wedding decoration become fresh and able to create atmosphere to look better. Flowers also make a pretty sweet scent and brighten to people who come into wedding party. If the concept need to come out with bright, sweet, emotional or sleek modern which you should select flowers carefully in order to bring style to each look. Let see about wedding flower ideas below.

The most important things is floral arrangements which will come off with ideas. The proceeded to turn out pretty nice decoration is depend on florists. Nowadays, there are many talented florists that can make amazing wedding party for you. You can also find idea from your friend or preview from magazine.

Before select flowers for your wedding party first of all you must look into your budget first because the flower will tell you the exact budget first. If budget is not high, then it will not work at creative. The Flower are generally a good mix of flowers and you should select flowers depending on the season and flower that you can affordable. It may be held in conjunction with expensive flowers.

Flower in front of wedding party

Flowers in the front of wedding party is a key role in wedding event. For the most of decorations at the entrance on both sides which theme is up to the couple set out from the beginning.

Flower at registration desk and sign a greeting

At this point, you may use tall vase or floral foam on flora and you can set up a secondary container then put them on the table. You can placed at the center of the table with a book signing and get the memory or time. Without flower, will make these area become the same as register for seminars.

Stage area

The stage area is a place to perform ceremonies which all guests at the event are focus their eyes on the stage all the time. So it is necessary to have a beautifully decorated stage area.

Remember Ring

When someone hears about this word “Remember Ring”, then they will believe that someone remember the ring or the ring should be remembered, however, this is not the case that someone should forget or think of any ring but it is the ring that will remind you the anniversary day which is coming! Remember ring has been invented a few years ago with the expert in electro and magnet specialists. The duty of this type of ring is to “remind” the person that it is the time to buy the gift for the love one or for the couple that they have married to.

From the outside, it is the ordinary wedding ring with or without diamond on it. It could be worn everyday for the rest of the life! However, for the inside, it has a stunning technology that it comes with the digital timer that will remind a person about the anniversary that will be coming in a couple of days time. The customers can tell the manufacturer to set the date and time that he/she wants the ring to remind. Now, we come to the interesting part of how the ring would remind the wearer

How will the ring remind?

The remember ring will be the ring to remember forever with the technology from the head of the engineering team. Many people think that it has some kind of Bluetooth signal to transmit to the smartphone and get reminded, but no, the remember ring doesn’t work like that, when the time comes, it will get hotter and hotter by spreading out the heat throughout the ring and let the person know! This is the heat that won’t burn the finger but just to hot enough to let a person understand that they should arrange a nice and hot anniversary immediately. Now, with the heat like that, how will it ends? Will the battery runs off? We have to say no to that because the ring turns the heat from the human body and accumulate itself as energy to power the heat generator and the timer inside of the ring itself.


Tips to select Diamond

Select a diamond is not too hard than you think because you can select a diamond from 4C’s as a standard when you shop a diamond.

When you decide to buy a diamond there are 4 things that you should concern

– Carat Weight
– Clarity
– Color
– Cut

Carat Weight

Carat Weight is a weight of your diamond which have 0.1 up to 1.0 which 1.0 is also call 1 carat. Weight of Carat is determine the value of your diamond but there is another things that you should concern when you buy a diamond because diamond that have the same carat but have different value because it depend on Clarity, Color and Cut.Diamond

Normally, diamond that big and have carat is expensive and you can find in a different design so the important thing to find the most value piece of diamond is wear it and if it make you feel that you like it so you should buy it.


Most of diamond will have ore inside diamond which also call a footprint of natural that create for a single diamond pieces. But if your diamond have less ore inside it will have more value because it will make diamond look more shiny. Most of diamond shop also call diamond that do not have ore is Colorless 100, Colorless 99, Colorless 98 or D,E and F. For diamond that have lower grand is call Near Colorless which are Colorless 97, Colorless 96, Colorless 95, Colorless 94 or G, H, I and J.

Diamond Color can classification into two categories which are white and yellow only. The reason that why we classification diamond into two categories is because carbon inside diamond when received heat or chemical will make diamond have different color for example diamond that have yellow will have ore from nitrogen which these type of diamond are also call fancy diamond which have price higher hand colorless diamond because it is very rare. Moreover, colorless diamond or white diamond is much more popularity than fancy diamond.


Many people may confuse that Cut and the shape of diamond is the same but in face they are different because Cut is mean that the orientation facets of the diamond must be cut in the right shape of diamond which depend on diamond artisan. But you do not need to be worry when you decide to judge diamond on Cut because a good cut of diamond always shine when you look diamond through your eyes from light.


Diamond from natural have different shade and color which white diamond is the most popular diamond and most valuable up to yellow diamond. The less diamond color will make light pass through diamond easier. On the other hand color of diamond is personal opinion which it depend on you that which diamond color that you like.

The Sparkle of Diamond depending on the reflection and refraction of light when pass through diamond.

1. Cut too Shallow – The Light will sift out below
Cut too Shallow

2. Cutting too deep – The Light will sift out the side
Cutting too deep
3. Cut properly – The Light will reflect a more brilliant sparkle at the top of the diamond

Cut Diamond properly

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