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Are you being Greenwashed?

The dark art of grenwashing

Marketing products as good for environment when they are not. Below you will see a spot of fake eco product and find a real one.

Fake free range eggs compostable rubbish bags that are not and eco friendly taxis that pollute as much as any business selling all of these questionable eco products and services have been busted recently. Claiming a products is good for the environment when it’s not know as greenwashing. Is on the rise as more people decide they want to spend their money in ways that help the environment more unscrupulous companies have cashed in by making vague, misleading, or just plain false environmental claims on products.

In practice this means the job of looking out for greenwashing falls. The general public with plenty of greenwashing going undetected and unpunished and that’s a bag thing because not only does greenwashing rip off consumer who have a right to get what they think. It also undermines the good companies that are trying to bring genuine change. After all it’s hard to sell a great eco friendly product if your competitor offers a phoney version for half the price.

How to deal and fight it?

The best way is to develop a keen nose for phoney marketing and use reputable labels and standards as a guide. With a hundreds of labels out there that can be daunting but that’s where our guide comes in. To avoid becoming a victim of greenwash keep your eye out for the questionable phrases and tactics.

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