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An Understated Style at your place

Design your home with Understated Design
An Understated Style at your place

Show your home with reinterprets local southern architectural elements for example sloping roofs, extensive use of wood and many more. There is no way a better site for a luxury multi hoursing development complex than presented showcases contemporary reinterpretation of traditional southern architecture. This home as an extension of the outdoor opting for French Windows to capture the views around. The borrowing from local influences sloping roofs define the space with extensive use of wood and the clear distinction of private and public spaces. The public space that include the licing dining, television lounge and kitchen flow into each other making them interactive. The informal demarcation has been created through sliding doors and screens. The space extends which maximises the view of the lake and landscape.The public space is open and it allow for ample natural light and ventilation.


Using premium material also become a majoy component of the brief that creat a house that use technologically integrated. To do this you have to incorporated automated lighting controls, security systems and many more. The integration of technology system which use of the products are call switchable glass in the bathroom. At the entrance door you can used an abstract geo metrical motif that spreads to the side panel and then continues to the ceiling and screens in the public spaces. These was done to make the eye travel a certain ways as well as maintain continuity. The furniture used in each space is hand crafted that adding to the exclusivity quotient of the house. To compared to the living and family lounge which have splashes of warm color, the diing is a stark contrast in black and metallic color scheme.Understated Style Kitchen

For the kitchen you can defined by its simplicity which it’s functional custom modular kitchen made with back painted glass to increase brightness. For countertops and cabinets with coating for heavy duty use. The private spaces which include the master bedroom which is a place that guest and children’s bedrooms with attached bathroom. A geometric motif triple layered acrylic screen on the ceiling and wood panelling along with the wall of the passage way connects with space. The same time demaractes them from the rest of the house. The master bedroom is a culmination of multiple material and produt such as wood covers the floors and some of the walls which is coupled with textured wallpaper on one side and leather panelling above the bed. To finish the look of television is a framed in a laser cut. The extensive use of wood in these space will continuation. The outdoor element is brought into the guest room through the use of floral wall paper and large mirror opposite the window. The bathroom are relatively compact space that measure 50sq ft each. The architects create a feature wall for each bathroom with the use of canvas tiles. The wooden flooring adds aesthetic element. The norm of the large windows even extends to this space lighting up the area.

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