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Advantage of Ethanol for Heating

Below you will a list of advantage of Ethanol Heating

Advantage of Ethanol for Heating

  • Ethanol fires can be used to illuminate garden, pool and other alfresco areas. It provide a soft and alluring glow with no connections required. You can also use an ethanol fire to highlight your garden water geature, either by incorporating it into the design of pond or fountain or by placing it alongside.
  • Ethanol that also called bioethanol is an alcohol that made by fermenting the sugar and have components of plant materials by using yeast or other micro organisms to produce a clear, colourless and flammable liquid so it’s natural and great to use.
  • Ethanol is easily to stores and it have a high calorific value with high energy value which it is easy to start and burns cleanly with little odour. It produces a golden yellow flame which provides heat and adds to the ambience when entertaining.

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