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Adding Light scheme to transform your bathroom

Bathroom in Light

Let’s see a well designed lighting scheme that able t to transform your bathroom in an instant. It’s also make a modern look for your bathrooms as well which can become a place to relax and unwind more inviting and functional.

Bathroom is like other room which requires proper planning when it comes to its lighting scheme which should be support different activities from practical such as shaving or applying makeup. You can having long relaxing soak. The lighting can have a layered scheme is key to striking a balance between ambience and functionality.

Below you will see a types of lighting that you can adding into your bathroom.

Task Lighting which is a light that can highlight specific area for certain functions like the mirror for shaving or applying makeup. Recessed ceiling lights can provide a fixed beam of light which have movable eyeball effect. These light and directed to highlight specific area.

Ambient Lighting is a light that able to provide general all over illumination supplies by wall or ceiling mounted fixtures such as downlighters.

Accent Lighting is a light that able to create specific effects and able to highlighting a particular architectural detail or any interesnting aesthetic feature in a room. For the purpose spotlights can create pools of concentrated lighjt.

Decorative lighting is a light that can sets the atmosphere and complements the overall decor of the room. This can be us LED light such as striplights as along the floor or ceiling to pretty wall lamps.


Safety for your bathroom

Your bathroom light will be exposed to steam and condensation so you must take note for the safety is the most important consideration. Bathroom fittings must be complete encased to avoid shorting and electric shocks and double insulated with the bulb and all metal parts covered. You have to sealed and splash proof bathroom fitting have warranty from manufacturer whihc you can ask when you visit your lighting supplies. You have to take note that when you want to sell your home you won’t be able to obtain any electrical compliance certificate if you have not installed bathroom specified fittings. Lighting can switches and must be either outside the bathroom or fitted with a pull cord. Good centilation is essential to allow the moisture and steam to be dispersed which can be reduces the risk of electric shock.





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