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Addictions Everyday problem

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The language of addictions is entering every lexicon and while words such as workaholic and chocoholic are often uttered under the guise of conviviality or considered. The impact of dependency on legal vice draws parallels to addition to drugs and alcohol. According to the research, a behaviour ir problematic when compulsive behaviours persist despite negative consequences for personal, social or occupational function. Bad friends and relationship can also become objects of dependence ever wonder why you always seem to get walked all over. Unlike necking a cask before midday everyday behaviours do not qualify your rehab.

Is it an addiction?

The tricky thing about everyday activities as addictions is that they are socially sanctioned and in moderation are relatively benign. A flutter on the ponies or loyalty card is hardly rehab material. It can make near impossible to discern when a healthy body has detoured into destruction territory. TWhether you feel that you are making an active choice to engage in it. In dividuals are dealing with addiction in most cases and do not have control over what they are doing, taking or using. They become dependent on it to cope with daily life.

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