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A Fine Dining Room Concept

Concept for Fine Dining Room
A Fine Dining Room Concept
Using Bistro to inspired home to bring indoors out and outdoors in

For the recommended from this post which will show no bistro in complete without a chalkboard so homeowners incorporated a large one onto the kitchen cabinetry. If you want a modern bistro feeling in your home you should ask the designer which they will added a hint of industrial chic with the use of great material such as steel and aluminium for the frames of the built in shelving. However, they also balanced the look of your dining room by using wood like tiles in deep brown hues. For comfotable and inviting by using cream coloured furniture and classy black quartz for the kitchen island and warm teak wood accents.

In order to introduce nature to your home you must add live green wall which can also installed even in an urban development. For the apartment initially that came with generous space which able to integrate as part of bigger open concept interior. You can also remove the door separating the living area and balcony and added sliding louvred panels just in front of the planter boxes for privacy.

How to decide a bistro style design?

First of all you have to have an idea first and after that collection all the trendy restaurants that opening. Try to look for home furnished idea via internet for a lots of wooden and rattan items. Some food and beverage places which can give you a cosy feeling that make you want something different for your own home.

What are some element that you had to have to complete the look?

Home can not exactly be a bistro but you and incorporated some design ideas. The long teak table that allows for communal dining as seen in bistros and also extendable. The open natural feel at some cafe able to recreated an idea for you. The island counter that can created a ledge in front of the green wall. This is great for guests as they can place their drinks and chat. Another good idea was a chalkboard that you can draw and write on.

Did you have any hesitations about sacrificing the balcony to extend the interior space?

The answer is no because you have to make full use of the balcony and you can also keep the sliding doors between the living area and outside space that you wanted to use it as a dining area. Another idea is adding sliding louvred panels all around but left a space betwen them and the edge of the balcony to install planters for some privacy and more greenery. If you have not extended outwards. The place would have been to small. You can have both an air conditioned or heater in interior space and open spaceby simple sliding the panels.

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