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A Cut Above Design for your kitchen

The recently renovated ideas for your kitchen design
A Cut Above Design for your kitchen
The interior achieve an open plan layout with a handcrafted custom designed kitchen as it defining feature.

The new build has been carefully planned to create an unusual layout with traditional design at the front and barn conversion style one wing at the rear which you will love barn conversions to create the look with your build. For the stone facade and with the vaulted ceiling and semi open plan layout which it has a similar feel. The tempted to go for a completely open plan layout at the back but decide to add double doors leading from the kitchen to the living room. It means that you have the options of dividing the rooms.

For the colour that you should consider by choosing different color for the cabinetry and also thought of adding contrast to the island with an alternative shade. The various of shade that in your mide will finally decided to keep it neutral. Trends come and go in your kitchen to be a timeless scheme that you tire of.

With the classic style with your kitchen cabinetry which you might unsure of paint finishes and finer details. Work surfaces and handles with finishing touch. The design suggested a French that influence for the cabinetry a concept that you loved and would never have considered without you input.

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