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9 Tips for Perfect Dinner Party

The Perfect Dinner Party

9 Tips for Perfect Dinner Party

Below you will see a tips for create the perfect dinner party

  1. You must remember that you are throwing a party at your place and not at a restaurant so it’s important to make your guests feel like they are stay at their own house.
  2. Tell your guests what dishes that you have prepared and share with them the story behind each dish which these sound will create a relation with your guest and make them feel good.
  3. Create a cosy ambience by leaving only few tamps on that exude warm and welcoming glows.
  4. Open a music like jazz on the stero which song may make you guest feel relax.
  5. Fresh flowers are an easy way to perk up the dinner table.
  6. There’s nothing that delights the guest than having personalised place cards. A little gesture goes a long way.
  7. Serve only when all guest have arrived. But if all guest have not arrived yet you can serve only drinks.
  8. Idealy, the duration between the first course and the last lies within two hours.
  9. If your guest still linger long after the dinner is done, start cleaning up the place or washing the dishes. They’ll get the hint.

Tips for novice cook

Work Clean, Eat Clean and you’ll have a clean mind. Open your mind and experiment and there’s a lot of joy in creating something that surprises you.

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