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8 Tips to select furnishins and fixtures for Bathroom

How to select fixtures and furnishing for your bathroom?

8 Tips to select furnishins and fixtures for Bathroom

Let’s see 8 tips that will change everything about your bathroom ideas

First of all your have to determined by the size of bathroom faucets which you do not want to over furnish or don’t want to have a big pieces which more often than not. If you have a larger bathroom and you very enjoy the space that you have with distance between the bathtub and the shower. Wet area and dry area as well as the lavatory which you can placing glass wall or folding screens as divider. For extra space you can also place indoor potted plants which it will make you fresh when you take a bath. For smaller bathroom you must plan carefully in order to make your room space become useful every inch of your bathroom. Below you will see 8 Tips that can be idea for the bathroom space.

Wall Color

Wall Color able to create the illusion of the bigger space. For smaller bathroom you can select neutral color such as white, raw concrete walls in order to make your room look bigger.


Mirros is very important for smaller bathroom because a wide mirror able to reflect the whole room which giving it depth and able to make double the actual size. For long mirror will have the notion of high ceiling and high clearance.

Storage Unites

You can using space for saving fixtures such as under sink which able to storage instead of using wall rack that create the illusion of having a bigger bathroom.

The Room Space

The size of your bathroom is also important because when you select the right toilet bowl you need ascertain of distance from the middle of the toilet bowl to the wall in order to plumbing purposes. For small bathroom that have less space you muse add a wall hung toilet that whould be more suitable.

Flush Systems

Good Flush system that uses a minimum amount of water that effectivly. For the types of flush which have two types which are single flush and dual flush systems. The different between two types of flush systems is dual flush toilets can use half of water or the full than which signigicantly reducing the usage of water. On the other hand single flush is not reducing any water for you.

Height of Toilet Bowl

The different of peopel that have different need and want which base of their physical condition. People that come with disabilities or older people may find the difficult to get up from toilets of normal height. For taller toilets are also create for a better option for them.

Shape of Toilet Bowl

The shape of toilet that you can select from many store are also improtant with the matters of using. A round toilet bowl is the most suitable for smaller lavatory space. Meanwhile the more costly elongated toilet bowls have to added sitting space as they are two inche longer than the round bowls.

Tips: You have to make sure that your spare parts of your bathroom are available locally and you must testing the flush systems beforehand and we are sure that you don’t want to wait for a week to fix it which should the flush be faulty.

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