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8 Steps to make a home made bar

8 steps to make a home made bar

Step1: First of all you have to being with a preparing the surface of the bookcase by apply and rubbing it down with a glass paper or sanding block in order to make it smooth with any rough edges. After finish with the surface then wipe the surface with a wet sponge in order to remove all dust and dirt then leave it dry.

Step2: After it dry then place your bookcase on the old dust sheet or some scrape paper. Afther that you can paint the surface with coat of paint and leave it dry again which you have to repeat with a second coat in order to make it for long life time.

Step3: You can decorate the sides of the bookcase by measure and cut the two lengths of wallpaper to size. After that paint the surface of the side from bookcase with coat of watered down white glue. Slide the wallpaper in the position and then smooth flat to remove all bubbles.

Step4: In these step you need to stick the mirrored shelf back in place and work with on panel at a time. You have to face down on a work surface and stick one adhesive pad at each corner. The centrally at the top and botton along the side. Place the panel in a position at the back of the shelf then press firmly in place. The panels will be flexible so it will make fitting easier. After you finish then peel it away the protective film in order to reveal the mirrored finish.

Step5: You have to measure the depth of the shelves which different shelves will have different size. If you wanna hang a row of glassers underneath of your shelves you have to cut a wodden and use small hand to saw or hack saw to cut them.

Step6: You have to check space of your glass stem and leave a little extra either side of the base of the glass so you can slide in and out easily. One more things the base of each glasses will have differnt size so you have to measure it carefully by yourself in order to positioned it.

Step7: You have to screw to the baton with one position that have length at each side of the baton. Only one base is needed at the end of the shelf on the innner edge. You have to turn the finished batons over and drill and screw the glass holder in place to the nderside of the shelf.

Step8: You almost done with these amazing design. All you need to do in last step is to measure and cut the length of trim for each shelf fron which these will finish off the bookcase and hide the neds of the glass supports. You can also paint the glass holder in order to add some colour on it.

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